• 29-06-2021
    Berlin Buzzwords is committed to ensuring that it is accessible to everyone regardless of race, gender, ability, sexual orientation or age. To that end we have put together a demographic survey so that we can get an idea of who comes to Berlin Buzzwords.
  • 21-06-2021

    It's a wrap! Berlin Buzzwords 2021 is over. We have had four amazing days full of learning, gathering new experiences, and meeting new people! In a fully virtual environment we had a great selection of talks, workshops, debates and discussions by amazing speakers from all over the world. Some were first time speakers at #bbuzz, others were popular speakers returning to share some new ideas and insights.

  • 14-06-2021
    Berlin Buzzwords is about to start and we have another success story to share. PLease read about Deepthi Sreenivasaiah!, a Machine Intelligence Engineer at Merantix.
  • 10-06-2021
    Post your ideas on our white board now!
  • 02-06-2021
    Berlin Buzzwords 2021 kicks off on Monday, 14th June, 2021 and we want you to be ready and prepared to make the most of this year’s event.
  • 10-05-2021
    Please meet Monica Sarbu in this week's success story! Monica is part of the Berlin Buzzwords program committee.
  • 03-05-2021
    A new success story is out! This week, we're thrilled to welcome Sherin Thomas. Sherin is going to hold a keynote this year together with her co-speaker Dharini Chandrasekaran who shared her story last week. Welcome, Sherin!
  • 28-04-2021
    Are you interested in becoming a volunteer at this year's Berlin Buzzwords? We offer a free ticket and the chance to get get involved with your favorite topics and engage with our great speakers and community.
  • 26-04-2021
    This weeks Success story is from Dharini Chandrasekaran who is going to open day 3 of this year's Berlin Buzzwords.
  • 19-04-2021
    Today's Berlin Buzzwords Success Story is from Adelean CTO Aline Paponaud, a former speaker and MC at Berlin Buzzwords. Welcome, Aline!
  • 08-04-2021
    Today, we hear from Aizhamal Nurmamat kyzy who was a speaker at Berlin Buzzwords in 2019. It was her first big conference to speak at and we were honored to have her! Welcome back, Aizhamal!
  • 08-04-2021
    This year for the first time at Berlin Buzzwords, we are excited to announce a third keynote speaker. In fact, two keynote speakers!