Third Keynote speakers announced!

This year for the first time at Berlin Buzzwords, we are excited to announce a third keynote speaker. In fact, two keynote speakers! Dharini Chandrasekaran and Sherin Thomas will open day 3, Thursday, 17 June, 2021. In their talk, they will speak about Democratizing climate science: Searching through NASA's earth data with AI at scale.

They will explain how they approached the vast data sets from climate data collected over 20 years. This data came in many different formats and Dharini and Sherin will talk about the challenges they faced along the way making use of all kinds of different search software available.

Dharini Chandrasekaran is a Senior Software Engineer at Twitter. She has a decade of experience spanning the gamut of the technology stack from device drivers to android platform applications to large scale backend systems. Her current focus is solving large scale distributed system challenges.

Sherin Thomas is a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix. In her career spanning 10 years, she has worked on all parts of the tech stack, but enjoys the challenges in Big Data and Machine Learning the most. Her most recent focus has been on solving challenges in low latency, high throughput data streaming and building products that would facilitate advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.