Datafari is among the few available open source Enterprise Search solutions.

It can be useful to index your hard drives, your organisation fileshares, but also many other types of sources and formats. Several connectors are available off the shelf (Sharepoint, SMB, DB, web, Alfresco...).

So what is the difference with Solr or openDistro ? It is an additional layer: Datafari is not just the search engine per se, it also embeds the crawling framework, a search UI, and an admin UI.

In this initiation workshop, we will first introduce Datafari and its architecture, and we will then directly dive into a quick install and indexing phase: how to install Datafari Community Edition, create first crawlers and configuration, and how to customise the UI.

With that, you can benefit from Apache Tika, Apache ManifoldCF, Apache Solr, and openDistro without the hassle of configuring and interconnecting all of them. 


Frannz Salon
17.06.2021 16:50 – 18:00