Are you or your company migrating services to Kubernetes? Do you want to run everything there, even Solr? If so you might have a lot of questions on how to proceed. Houston and Tim intend to help clear things up a bit. 

This is a conversation about managing Solr on Kubernetes. Houston and Tim will be discussing the newly donated Apache Solr Operator, and how it fits into your Solr Management workflow on Kube. Specifically what aspects it has control over, and which aspects it does not. Covering all possible migration scenarios would be impossible, so the focus will be on explaining the architecture principles of the Solr Operator and defining the roles of each piece of the system.  

Hopefully, everyone will leave the discussion confident that they can answer the following questions:

  • Who is in charge of what?
    • Kubernetes?
    • Solr Operator?
    • Solr?
    • Me???
  • What happens when one part of the system goes down?
  • Why should I, or should I not, use the Solr Operator?



Frannz Salon
16.06.2021 16:50 – 17:20