For the most flexible, powerful stream processing engines, it seems like the barrier to entry has never been higher than it is now. If you’ve tried, or have been interested in leveraging the strengths of real-time data processing - maybe for machine learning, IoT, anomaly detection or data analysis - but you’ve been held back: I’ve been there, and it’s frustrating. And that’s why this talk is for you. 

That being said, this talk is also for you if you ARE experienced with stream processing but you want an easy (and if I say so myself, pretty fun) way to add some of the newest, bleeding edge features to your toolbelt.

This session will be about getting started with Flink SQL. Apache Flink’s high level SQL language has the familiarity of the SQL you know and love (or at least, know…), but with some powerful new functionality, and of course, the benefit of being able to be used with Flink and PyFlink. 

More specifically, this will be a pragmatic entry into creating data pipelines with Flink SQL, as well as a sneak peek into some of its newest and most interesting features.



Palais Atelier
16.06.2021 16:50 – 17:20