Open source crossed the chasm into mainstream with users in all industries. Maintaining the users’ trust and sustaining innovation is key to open source’s success. However, in a world where communities are passionate, multicultural, and primarily use online communication, it is challenging to move communities towards a shared vision in a frictionless, sustainable way.

Community challenges can impact innovation, putting user adoption at risk and even more importantly, hurting community members. Stronger open source leadership can address these challenges and there is a call for more leaders in every project.

Good news! Every contributor is a leader either through self leadership, leading others, or leading the community, yet most people have never been trained on how to lead. This talk provides the leadership training you need and covers: - What is leadership and why strengthen open source leadership - Key leadership and emotional intelligence principles - Practical ways to lead in order to create a diverse, thriving community especially in today’s extreme ambiguity and change.


16.06.2021 16:00 – 16:45