We're thrilled to welcome our second keynote speaker!

Being a leader is a challenge and can be rewarding and sometimes troubling. What does it take to be a successful leader? How do you motivate your team and gain people's respect? In her keynote, Megan Byrd-Sanicki is going to speak about what leadership is in the first place and explains the key things to focus on as a leader in any role. She evaluates the team's needs in general as well as shedding light on the special position leaders from underrepresented groups find themselves in. Furthermore, she takes a look at the challenges a leader faces in asynchronous teams, again with a more general approach and a closer examination of the of underrepresented groups.

Megan is a Google Open Source Manager who has led teams, communities and organizations throughout her career. In a world of growing complexity, there is a call for more leaders to bring us forward with a shared vision, hope and enthusiasm.With a focus on leadership and emotional intelligence principles, neuroscience, and positive psychology from leading experts and Google leadership training, Megan helps people be the leaders they need through conference talks, workshops and coaching. We are excited to welcome Megan at Berlin Buzzwords this year!