Sebastián Ortega
Data Engineer
A friendly-looking, white male wearing glasses and sitting in a computer chair


Vocational coder since childhood, Sebastián Ortega majored Computer Science at UPM at Madrid were he was involved in European research projects. Looking for real-world problems he switched to the industry, first to crunch Big Data for Telefónica Digital to then jump to the startup world founding Coinffeine, a blockchain project. Since then, he has been working for revolutionary startups. Currently, he works as Data Engineer at Letgo, helping data show its value.

He will annoy you with concepts like "monad" and "schema evolution" but you should forgive him because he gets the work done.



  • Stream
    16.06.2021 20:00 – 20:30
    Palais Atelier


    Letgo is a second-hand marketplace app reshaping secondhand trade in Turkey so re-use is the default trusted choice.
    We designed the data platform to be built on top of the principles of self-servicing, privacy laws compliance, data governance at business unit level, minimal…