Lauren Schaefer
Staff Developer Advocate, MongoDB
Photo of Lauren eating a giant inflatable pink donut

Lauren Hayward Schaefer is a developer advocate for MongoDB. She began her career as a software engineer for IBM where she held a variety of roles including full-stack developer, test automation specialist, social media lead, and growth hacking engineer.  She is an international speaker who is skilled in taking hard-to-understand topics and making them seem simple. Lauren holds a BS and MS in Computer Science from North Carolina State University and is the co-inventor of thirteen issued United States patents.


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    15.06.2021 19:50 – 20:30

    Did you grow up on relational databases? Are document-based databases a bit of a mystery to you? This is the session for you! We’ll compare terms and concepts, explain the benefits of document-based databases, and walk through the 3 key ways you need to change your mindset to successfully use…