Dainius Jocas
Staff Engineer
Dainius Jocas

Dainius is a Staff Engineer at Vinted, the company whose mission is to make second-hand the first choice worldwide.

His career is filled with plenty of projects where the goal always was to make search engines find things and do it fast.

He is an enthusiast of open-source software. He has made a command-line search utility called Lucene-grep.

Outside of work he enjoys having fun with his lovely Bernese Mountain Dogs.

He's based in Vilnius, Lithuania.


  • Scale
    16.06.2021 20:40 – 21:10
    Frannz Salon

    When throwing more hardware into your Elasticsearch cluster doesn't help and your management tells you that this year the search traffic in our eCommerce site will triple. 

    In this talk, I will present several not-so-obvious Elasticsearch performance issues and provide some proven recipes…