• 13-01-2021
    We will always put the safety of our event participants and staff first, which is why we have decided to move to a digital conference this June.
  • 16-12-2020
    Whether this is your first time or you’ve done it many times before, this article provides some guidance on what to look out for when submitting an abstract to a tech conference.
  • 14-12-2020
    We encourage all Big Data Open Source enthusiasts to submit ideas for talks, workshops, discussions, lightning talks, ask me anything sessions, and more
  • 14-12-2020
    This year, Caito Scherr joined the program committee and we are very excited to have her onboard. To find out more about Caito, we asked a few questions
  • 02-11-2020
    We are happy to announce that our brand new online course-series PS salon kicks off in collaboration with Chorus! Following the great success and demand of the Open Source tool stack presentation by René Kriegler,Eric Pugh, Paul Bartusch and Johannes Peter at this year’s online edition of Berlin Buzzwords (in co-presentation with Haystack the search relevance conference, and MICES the e-commerce search event) we are bringing you Chorus, an intensive hands-on workshop in six parts.
  • 15-10-2020
    Like so many other great conferences, this year’s Berlin Buzzwords has been very different from what we were used to. The most crucial change of it being the shift to a virtual environment. So instead of running a Big Data hotspot in a former-brewery-turned - event location for 3 days right in the heart of Berlin, we were all sitting at home in front of our computers, executing the conference from there.
  • 14-10-2020
    Join us and support us! At Berlin Buzzwords, we always welcome partners (media, event) and sponsors to support us and to benefit from a great conference