Dmitry Kan
Head of Search Technology

Dmitry enjoys building and blogging about software, in particular search (Solr/Lucene), machine learning (sentiment detection, machine translation) and tools that make our programmer life easier. He developed his fully-blown search engine back in 2003 as a university project. The main achievements were beating mysql full-text search engine in speed over 5 million records. This is when he introduced himself into the world of skip-lists and balanced hash-tables. In 2010 Dmitry learnt about Lucene and Solr and since then have been an active community member, occasionally taking part (and wining!) in the famous Stump the Chump sessions. Dmitry holds PhD in CS from the Saint Petersburg State University (Russia) and a Master degree in CS from University of Kuopio (Finland). In his free time Dmitry enjoys answering questions on quora, building models on kaggle and cycling.